Academic Profile Tool - Supervision and Publication data resolved, 07/10/2019 12:14PM BST Academic Profile Tool (APT)

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07/10/2019 12:14PM BST
Work to update APT has been completed and the system now shows the latest data for Supervision (from Campus Solutions) and Publications (from RIS). For further information see the APT workspace (staff only).
03/04/2019 04:06PM GMT
Academic Profile Tool data is currently being drawn from E-staff Profile (Publications) and Saturn (Supervision) and as a result: -

  • APT may not display latest publications deposited in RIS (Publications), if these have not also been updated in E-staff profile
  • APT may not reflect changes to PGR Supervision since 1/3/19, even if the supervisions show in Campus Solutions.

For further information please see the APT workspace (staff only).