Workspace unavailable resolved, 04/29/2019 01:07PM BST Workspace

Notification history

04/29/2019 01:07PM BST

04/18/2019 04:13PM BST
The incident which prevented access to Workspace has been resolved.
04/18/2019 02:20PM BST

04/18/2019 02:19PM BST

04/16/2019 01:57PM BST
The Workspace service experienced an outage but should now be restored to service.
04/15/2019 05:31PM BST
Workspace is currently unavailable and is generating the message 'Service temporarily unavailable'.

This is under investigation.
04/15/2019 10:52AM BST
Access to Workspace has been restored.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience
04/15/2019 08:17AM BST
The Workspace service is currently unavailable. This is being investigated.