Portal - exam timetable and past exam papers portlets unavailable resolved, 06/03/2019 05:55PM BST Exam timetables

Notification history

06/03/2019 05:55PM BST
No further issues have been reported or experienced since the underlying cause was addressed earlier today.
06/03/2019 01:58PM BST
Access to personal exam timetables and past exam papers via the Portal has been restored.

If you continue to experience a problem, please try a different web browser or delete the temporary internet files/cache in your current browser.
06/02/2019 07:32PM BST
Attempting to access exam timetables and past exams papers via the Portal (https://portal.nottingham.ac.uk) is currently generating the message 'Oops! This portlet is temporarily unavailable.'

This will be investigated at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime, please be aware of alternative means for accessing your exam timetable - please see https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/currentstudents/news/2018/your-exams-timetable-is-now-available.aspx for further information.