Availability of Saturn 3 and Saturn Web 30/11/2018 05:00PM GMT - 07/12/2018 11:00PM GMT

Saturn systems

Maintenance details

The cutover process from Saturn to the new Campus Solutions student records system will commence at 5pm on Friday 30 November.
Saturn 3 is used to add and update student records. You will no longer be able to access Saturn 3 after this time, but you will be able to view information in Saturn Web which is used primarily to view student records.
If you use Saturn Web, you can continue to access this system.
Please contact these Student Services colleagues if you need to make any essential changes to student records during this time.
Campus Solutions will become our central student records system from January 2019. Further information regarding access to Campus Solutions will be provided to colleagues from the beginning of 2019.
Thank you for your patience and support during the cutover period.