SSH Restriction 24/06/2019 08:46AM BST - 01/07/2019 08:46AM BST


Maintenance details

On the 24 June, Information Services will disable the default access for the Secure Shell protocol (SSH) on the firewall. Please note, you will lose access to the below resources from off campus if you were previously connecting via SSH without first connecting to the VPN:

  • Granby
  • Unix of Linux Servers
  • Linux Desktops
  • Raspberry Pis

Access to campus resources via SSH will still be available off site if you are connected to the University’s Virtual Private Network (VPN). Alternatively, if there is sufficient justification for doing so, you are able to raise a firewall change request via Self Service portal for your specific use. On premise access to resources via SSH will be unaffected by this change.